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Better Health Care for an Aging Population

Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (the Network, or TVN) is a not-for-profit organization supporting multidisciplinary research related to health care tools, technology and interventions for seriously ill elderly patients and their families.

Funded in July 2012 as part of the national Networks Centres of Excellence (NCE) program, the Network seeks to mobilize collaborations between researchers, industry and other organizations to produce programs and products that further Canada’s economic strength and improve the quality of life for Canadians.

The first TVN National Forum will be held on June 4-5, 2015 in Toronto. Select opportunities are available for sponsors to join the conversation ... click here for details.

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** Russell Williams named Chair, TVN Board of Directors.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the care of seriously ill, frail elderly patients and their families through the development, rigorous evaluation, and ethical implementation of health care technologies, including drugs, devices, knowledge products, improvement strategies and tools, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients and their families, health care professionals and the health care system as a whole. Our goal is to enable the frail elderly, their families and caregivers, to have evidence-based information to make decisions ensuring that patients receive the right treatment in the right setting at the right time.

Key to our success is our collaborative approach. Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network has four main audiences:

  • Seriously ill elderly patients and their families
  • The public, including groups serving the seriously ill elderly and their families
  • Health care providers, practitioners and organizations, and
  • Health care system decision makers and influencers

We engage our various audiences and stakeholders, including patients and families, in identifying gaps, developing a research agenda and communicating research results and best practices to those that can use this evidence in the care of the seriously ill elderly and their families, and in influencing the healthcare policies that impact them. We also support multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary collaboration among researchers in Canada and abroad, and create research partnerships between universities, and private and public sectors.

How we do it

Research: We fund research that fills gaps identified by our researchers and other stakeholders, building a coherent, targeted program of knowledge creation and exchange aimed at improving the care of older Canadians.

Knowledge Exchange: We fund research and undertake activities in knowledge exchange and translation that disseminate Network and other research results, best practices and tools to our various audiences through seminars, workshops, conferences and our Web site, impacting policy and practice.

Training: We recruit world-class researchers and highly qualified personnel. We offer training that promotes multi-disciplinary and multi-sector research approaches, and encourages trainees to consider the economic, social, environmental and ethical implications of their work.

Geriatric Medicine Canada

What We’re Researching

The Network is currently funding projects through its Core Research, Knowledge Synthesis and Catalyst Grant Programs.  Additional projects are also underway by TVN's Interdisciplinary Fellows. 

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